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February 8, 2019 - 6:30 PM - Rock Pointe Church


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2017 Major Award Winners

Awards of Distinction

  •  Natalie Evans
  •  Jorja Polischuk
  •  Treyton Woolrich
  •  Summer Hull
  •  Peter Skrypnic

Overall Rotary Award of Excellence

  • Jennie Hawrluk

2015 Major Award Winners

Illa Rumpel Scholarship:

  • Gizelle de Guzman
  • Kaleigh Jo Kirk
  • Ashley Schneberger
  • Peter Skrypnek
  • Sydney Mae

Rotary of Cochrane Award of Excellence – Peter Skrypnek

Award of Distinction:

  • Hip Hop Dance: Final Jeopardy
  • Alexander de Boer
  • Marcus de Boer
  • Sydney Mae
  • Emilie Duplessis
  • London Byfield

2014 Major Award Winners

Illa Rumpel Scholarship:

  • Cyrus and Estella Howard
  • Jared and Aspen Walker
  • Meagan Young
  • Bearspaw Christian School gr. 5/6 Band
  • Cailan Jackson
  • Caitlin-Josee Roode
  • Solana and Zephyr Frebold

Rotary of Cochrane Award of Excellence – Solana Frebold

2013 Major Award Winners

Illa Rumpel Scholarship:

  • Anna Stube
  • Danica Marks
  • Soren & Laec Lorentzen
  • Alexander, Logan and Marcus de Boer
  • The Cochrane Children’s Choir

Rotary of Cochrane Award of Excellence – Emily Rigaux

Award of Distinction:

  • Composition – Kaleigh Jo Kirk
  • Instrumental Junior – Anna Stube
  • Instrumental Senior – Alexander de Boer
  • Stage Presence – Natalie Evans
  • Vocal Junior – Cadi Litschke
  • Vocal Senior – Sydney Mae Schweitzer

2012 Major Award Winners

Illa Rumpel Scholarship:

Parker Gawryletz 6 years old – flies on the piano and violin after only two years of lessons. Parker wishes to purchase an electric piano so he can continue to record and write his own music.
Jenna Caspell 17 years old – Jenna and her siblings have performed in this festival for many years! Jenna now teaches music – both choral and piano. Two years ago, she was our overall festival winner. Jenna has a passion for inner city kids and wants to teach children who can’t afford their own lessons. To do this, she will need instruments for children to use who do not have the financial means to buy them. She is also looking to buy an amp for her keyboard so that she can be a little more portable.
Alysse Ernewein 15 years old – an accomplished dancer, singer, performer, songwriter, and actor. Her resume would be equal to a seasoned performer. Alysse has worked very hard. She has prepared herself in many ways, has disciplined herself, which enhances her natural abilities to do many things well and is now ready to go on. This year Alysse released her first I-tunes single and is saving money to go the next step – professional recording of her own music.
Jhyro Aganta Lives in Cochrane. He sings, learned guitar and drums, and does so using the school band room and equipment. He would like to purchase his own drum set so he could play when he wants to versus when the band room is open. His commitment, natural musical ability, and his passion are a great combination.

Rotary of Cochrane Award of Excellence – Morgan and Keelan McAuley

Award of Distinction:

  • Composition – Charity Adlington and Rebekah Ellerby
  • Instrumental Junior – Anna Stube
  • Instrumental Senior – Jenna Caspell
  • Stage Presence – Chloe Nelson
  • Vocal Junior – Sydney Schweitzer
  • Vocal Senior – Alysse Ernewin and Isabella Pedersen

2010 Major Award Winners

Rotary of Cochrane Award of Excellence – Jenna Caspell

Award of Distinction:

  • Composition – Alysse Ernewein
  • Instrumental Junior – Peter Skrypnek
  • Instrumental Senior – Matthew Caspell and Nathan Caspell
  • Vocal Junior – Valerie Cote
  • Vocal Senior – Kaitee DalPra

2009 Major Award Winners

Rotary of Cochrane Award of Excellence – Janeen Williamson

Award of Distinction:

  • Instrumental Junior – Chloe Nelson
  • Instrumental Senior – Jelena Macura
  • Stage Presence Junior – Valerie Cote
  • Stage Presence Senior – Jeanine Williams
  • Vocal Junior – Ashley Schneberger
  • Vocal Senior – Megan Robertson