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  • This year’s festival runs on February 2, 3 and 4th, and Friday February 7th (FINALE). Please let us know which dates you would be free to volunteer.

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February 12, 2021 - 6:30 PM - Rock Pointe Church

It is requested that all volunteers arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of their shift.

Music Runner: 1. At the beginning of each class, the music runner will advise the MC of any changes to the program schedule, changes in order, or missing participant. 2. Deliver the sheet music and music books (in order) to the Adjudicator’s Assistant. 3. Lead the performers to the performing area and assist the MC in organizing them to sit in order of performance 4. Stay during the performances as required to help maintain quiet and monitor those entering and exiting during performances

Greeters: 1. Greet parents and children at the door 2. Direct them to registration table 3. Give directions to washroom areas, practice room and festival area 4. Keep participants in the waiting quietly in the area until it is their class time 5. Answer questions as necessary

Registration Desk: 1. Match names of participants to registration sheets 2. Collect sheet music/books and organize in classes 3. Label sheet music/books with class time/name, participant name and participant’s order in the class 4. Record any changes or missing participants on post it notes to give to music runner. 5. Give music runner the pile of music sheets/books and CD accompaniments (in order of performance) at the beginning of each class and let them know of any changes to schedule or missing participants that need to be provided to the MC, adjudicator assistant and sound person.

Adjudicator Assistant: 1. The adjudicator assistant looks after the needs of the adjudicator (water, pencils, adjudicator sheets, master sheets, medals . . . .) 2. Makes sure the music books are accessible to the adjudicator with the appropriate student adjudication sheets 3. When the adjudicator finishes marking a participant, the adjudicator assistant will take the sheet, total it and mark the score on the master sheet 4. Once the score is recorded, the appropriate ribbon should be laid out with the sheet in an inconspicuous manner (so the student doesn’t see what they are receiving) 5. Stands with the adjudicator at the end of the class and hands him/her the score sheets and then the medals at the appropriate time. 6. Returns the books/sheets to the participants. 7. Makes sure the Master score sheet gets to the Festival Chair at the end of the evening

Finale Volunteers

Volunteers who are working with performers are required to be present for Dress Rehearsal which is scheduled for 4:00 PM

Volunteers who are able are requested to arrive 1/2 hour prior to their shift time for set-up.

Volunteers who are able are requested to stay for clean up after Finale